Payment Disbursement: Multi-Currency Payout Service

Payment Disbursement

Payment Disbursement Solutions

PacNet’s global payment services allow you to issue and send any volume of outgoing payments – in virtually any currency – to beneficiaries around the world.  Whether you are paying refunds, rebates, affiliate commissions or prizes, our payment disbursement solutions will suit your needs.

PacNet offers two payment disbursement products: send local currency check payments by first class mail or courier complete with a personalized payment insert with your company’s message, or send local electronic funds transfer (EFT) payouts directly to the bank account of your beneficiary.

Our easy to use payment file format allows you to conveniently order any volume of local-currency check or EFT payouts for over 40 countries, yet pay for them with a single deposit in the currency most convenient for you.  Not only are PacNet’s outgoing payment disbursement solutions simple to use, they are also fast and affordable for beneficiaries to clear, saving them time and money over clearing a USD check at their non-US bank. 

If you are looking for a payout service to handle your international refunds, rebates and commissions, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and indication of rates.